Fancy Pants 2 Walkthrough

Solution video for Fancy Pants 2. Don't use this video unless you are absolutely sure you want to ruin the game for yourself. After watching this video there is no turning back and the game will never feel the same. You really much rather try solving this game on your own. This video shows the best Fancy Pants solution there is.

Fancy Pants Games

  • Fancy Pants 1

    Fancy Pants 1

    The classic Fancy Pants game in world 1 has no real plot, it is just plain fun.

  • Fancy Pants 2

    Fancy Pants 2

    Just for the sake of having a plot to the game, Fancy Pants is after his stolen ice cream cone. Help him kill the angry rabit and retrieve his prize

  • Fancy Pants 3

    Fancy Pants 3

    In the third Fancy Pants game, the hero is after the bad pirates who kidnapped Cutie Pants Girl, his younger sister.

  • Fancy Pants 4

    Fancy Pants 4

    In the forth game in the series - Fancy Snowboarding, our hero goes to a new adventure is the snow.