Fancy Pants 3

Fancy Pants Adventures world 3 starts with disorderly pirates who have commandeered the royal tub. After Fancy Pants interferes with the pirates' devious plans and frees the royal tub, the smelly pirates kidnap his younger sister, Cutie Pants Girl. Fancy Pants must find a way to release his sister from the pirates' ship. Use the left and right keys to move and 's' to jump. Press up to open doors and down to duck. Duck while on a slant or landing to roll. Space pauses the game and 'm' is for mute. After getting the pencil, use 'a' to strike. Jump on top of spiders to stun them then kick them to get rid of them. Collect squiggles on your way for a higher score.

Fancy Pants Games

  • Fancy Pants 1

    Fancy Pants 1

    The classic Fancy Pants game in world 1 has no real plot, it is just plain fun.

  • Fancy Pants 2

    Fancy Pants 2

    Just for the sake of having a plot to the game, Fancy Pants is after his stolen ice cream cone. Help him kill the angry rabit and retrieve his prize

  • Fancy Pants 3

    Fancy Pants 3

    In the third Fancy Pants game, the hero is after the bad pirates who kidnapped Cutie Pants Girl, his younger sister.

  • Fancy Pants 4

    Fancy Pants 4

    In the forth game in the series - Fancy Snowboarding, our hero goes to a new adventure is the snow.