About the game Fancy Pants

The game series of 'Fancy Pants' was created by Brad Borne. The first game in the three game series was released on March 2006. The first game includes simple and scratchy graphics which was later improved in the later games. World 2 was released on January 2008 and it is the first game in the series which actually had a plot. The third game was release on April 2012. Fancy Pants 4 have not been released yet.

In all of the worlds released, Fancy Pants has the same goal which is to collect squiggles and hidden stars and find his way to the level's doors. In World 1 Fancy Pants must complete a set of 3 levels, in world 2 there are 6 levels and in world 3 there are no levels per say but different scenes

To find a solution for each level, you have to be fast, smart and precise. It is very easy to miss the correct way or to do things in reverse order, but practice will lead you to the correct answer. If you have trouble finishing a level you can get find help in our walkthrough pages and watch the solution in video. We recommend to use this option only as a last resort.

Use the left and right keys to move and 's' to jump. Press up to open doors and down to duck.

Fancy Pants was created by Brad Borne from Borne Games. This website is not affiliated with Borne Games and is not associated with the creators of this game.